What is Champcash App ?

Champcash is an Android Application Through which Anyone Can be a Millionaire By Just Installing Some Apps in Mobile.Just Refer Champcash to Your Friends and Ask them to Complete the Challenge By installing 8-10 Apps in their Android phone, You will Get its payment instantly.As Networking is the Best Way to do any Business, because through Networking anyone can earn unlimited. We have also implemented Networking in our system too. You can Earn Upto 7 Levels in Champcash.

How to Earn Money With Champcash

Just Refer Champcash App to Your Friends and ask them to Complete the Challenge (By installing some apps). As he completes the Challenge Amount will be credited in Your account + Your Parent s account.

Steps To Earn Unlimited With Us

Step 1 : Install Champcash Step

Step 2 : Open Champcash in Your Phone

Step 3 : Signup

Step 4 : Enter Refer ID of Your Sponsor(if you have any)

Step 5: Accept The Challenge

Step 6 : Install Apps Given in the Challenge (This is Must Step to Be a Part of Our N/W System)

Step 7 : Open Installed App For Atleast 30 Seconds.

Step 8 : Install And Open All Apps Step By Step.

Step 9 : As You Installs All Apps You Will be Eligible to Use our N/W System

Step 10 : Go To Invite And Earn Menu (To invite your Friends)

Step 11 : Choose Any Message And Select Social Media Profile where you want to Share the Message.

Step 12 : If Any of Your Friend Click on Your Shared Link And Completes The Challenge then You Will Instantly Gets its Payment.

Step 13 : As Your All Friends To Repeat Step 10 To Step 12 to Earn Unlimited.

How to Withdraw Earned Money ?

We have Following Methods to Withdraw Your Money :

1. Bank / Paypal – Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $10 (Sends payout in Net 30 Basis)

2. Mobile Recharge : You can recharge Any Prepaid mobile Internationally. Enter Amount of Recharge in Your Currency. Eg : For india Enter Recharge Amount in Rupees. Minimum Withdrawal Amount is $0.17 (Rs 10). You can Recharge Your mobile instantly.

3. E-Shopping : You can Buy E-Gift cards with your champcash Earnings. Just select the Amount and You can Withdraw.

Benefits of Joining With Champcash

1. Earn Millions by just installing some apps.

2. Redeem Your Earned Money Via Paypal,Mobile Recharge and E-Gift Cards.

3. You can do Mobile recharge of any Country

4. Our system is 100% Free to use.

5. Refer your Friends and Start Earning Immediately

How to Transfer Champcash Account from 1 device to Other

Please Use this service only If your Mobile is Lost or Damaged.

Steps : 1. Take a New phone and install champcash in it.

2. Go to Change Device Option.

3. Enter All asked details

4. And Your Old device’s Account will be shifted to new Device. Warning : If you disclose Your Transaction Password or Your Personal Details with anyone then He can transfer Your Champcash Account in His phone. Don’t Share your any Details with anyone.

What are the Basic Requirements for Joining With Champcash ?

1. You should have Android Phone With SIM Card in it.

2. Your Device should have IMEI number

3. There should be Minimum 200MB of Space to Use Champcash in your phone.

4. You should have 2G / 3G / 4G / Wifi Internet connection to use.

5. Your Android Version Should be Greater than 3.

6. Minimum RAM should be 512 MB.

7. In One device You can only Make 1 Champcash Account. If you have to Create new Account then Buy a New Device.

What is Accept The Challenge?

To Join With champcash and to use Our Networking System You Have to Install and Open all the apps given in Challnege. A Challnege Will comes at the TIme of Signup new Account. You should Install and Open all the apps for atleat 30 seconds.

How We are Distributing Money , Even We are Not taking Any Charges From User :

This is the Main Point and will comes in Everyone’s Mind. Here is Your Answer : Other Companies are Giving money directly to their Users if they install Apps in their Phone . We Have Changed this Scenario, we are not giving any Money to the User who is Installing Apps in his phone But we are Distributing that money in Whole Network Upto 7 Levels. —-Eg :—– If A Installs Champcash And Further he completes the Challenge(By installing Some Apps) then We are not giving any money to A but we are Distributing Money of These Apps to His 7 Parents through Networking. This Idea Will Really Enable you to Earn Unlimited And Don’t bother that you Haven’t received any Amount of Installing Champcash and Completing Challenge But Imagine that You can Earn Millions with this Idea Because If You refers Someone then You will Gets Commission Directly. You will not Only gets Commission on Direct Referrals but you will get Commission on Your Referral of Referrals too Upto 7 Levels. —Eg :— As You refers Your Friends and he completes the Challenege, Not only you who gets its payment but also Your Above 6 Persons Who its Payment too. Ex : If A Refers B,B refers C,C Refers D,D refers E,E refers F,F refers G,G Refers H Then A Will Get benefit On Joining of H Too. In Champcash, There is no limit on Direct Referrals. Means You can Join Unlimited Friends at Your Level 1 and In the same way Your Direct Referrals can Join Unlimited At their Direct and You will get benefit of All.

What Happens if i entered Wrong Mobile Number While Recharge?

This is User’s reponsibility to Enter a Valid Mobile Number while recharge. If Recharge Gets sucess from Our side then we cant do anything. But If Recharge Gets declened then Open a Support ticket from Support menu.

I requested My payment via Bank / Paypal But I Didn’t Received it yet ?

Your Bank Withdrawals and Paypal Withdrawal will be Send on net 30 basis. Eg : If you Withdraws Money 2 times in Month of April then You will Get your Payment on 1st Week of June after Approval from Our side.

My Problem is Not in Above Written FAQ’s , What to Do Now ?

If You are facing Some New Problem then Immediately Contact via Support Form in Menu Section or Email us At : support@champcash.com

How to Earn By Networking System ?

As You refers Your Friends and he completes the Challenege, Not only you who gets its payment but also Your Above 6 Persons Who its Payment too. Ex : If A Refers B,B refers C,C Refers D,D refers E,E refers F,F refers G,G Refers H Then A Will Get benefit On Joining of H Too.

When I can Get Income of Shopping in Approved Wallet ?

It takes 45-60 Days to Approve Pending Income. Eg : If You done Shopping in Jan MOnth then You will Get that Income in Your Main Balance in March (15-20 March).